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Highland Velodrome Trust    

        A Scottish Charitable Company                                  Chair :    John MacMillan

       HiVelo is a registered Trademark



Welcome to the official website of the Highland Velodrome Trust.  We are local cyclists in the process of delivering the vision of a safe ‘development hub’ for cyclists of all persuasions, ages and abilities in the Highlands of Scotland.



The Trustees are once again grateful to everyone who took the time to lobby their Councillors and the Leaders about this vital project.  You really made a difference in terms of raising awareness about the Arena and its many benefits for the whole Highland community.  Elected members can have been in no doubt about the strength of that support across their constituencies and well beyond.   Unfortunately, major cutbacks affecting every Council service and every locality in the Highlands have become unavoidable.   However, as the following HiVelo press release explains, we are pressing on with alternative funding proposals for discussion with key partners, and will keep everyone posted as to outcomes in the next few months.

PRESS RELEASE                                                      WEDNESDAY 7 MARCH 2018

Highland Arena project is “too good to fail”

Commenting in the immediate wake of the Council’s decision not to include this project in their five-year capital programme, Mike Greaves from the local Velodrome Trust expressed his disappointment that austerity was now devastating public investment in essential facilities and infrastructure right across the Highlands:

“Today’s Council meeting further underlined the enormous gulf that now exists between vital community needs and the financial wherewithal to fulfil them.  Elected members from all parts of the Highlands were faced with choices that would truly have taxed Solomon’s wisdom. The decision not to invest the £7m. needed to complete the £23m. funding package for the Highland Arena will leave thousands of athletes and supporters dismayed.  They will be rightly concerned about both the apparent rejection of Government and other time-limited monies that are earmarked specifically for the Highlands, but also the corresponding loss of sports opportunities for whole generations to come.  Equally frustrating is the abandonment of a built-in entertainment and regional events venue which would have contributed real economic benefits and a better quality of life for the whole community.” 

“Recent conversations and lobbying have shown that these concerns are widely shared here in the North and further afield.  For many people, the Arena project really is “too good to fail”.  Discussions are well-advanced in the search for an alternative solution which could enable development to proceed at no net cost to the Council.  HiVelo and other sports groups are working with expert advisors to finalise a different business model for the Arena. This would supplement the external funding available with gap finance sourced along community enterprise lines.  I’m confident that our emerging business plan will prove robust and we’d be very grateful for the earliest possible opportunity to discuss this with the Council, sportscotland and other potential sponsors.  This may also provide an eventual way forward for postponed leisure projects in other parts of the Highlands.” 


The Highland Arena is a bold addition to the established leisure complex at the Bught, Inverness.  At a projected cost of £23m. it could be ready and open for community use by late 2020. The facilities include:

ATHLETICS : Indoor 60m sprint track, jumps/throws, warm up facilities

CYCLING : 250m UCI standard velodrome

GYMNASTICS : Pitted gym suitable for all Olympic disciplines

JUDO : Dojo with 2.5 mat areas

TENNIS : Four indoor tennis courts

WELLBEING : Strength & conditioning suite, studios, sports science support

ARENA : Showcase Conference/Events venue catering for over 3000 persons



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