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Highland Velodrome Trust    

        A Scottish Charitable Company                                  Chair :    John MacMillan

       HiVelo is a registered Trademark



Welcome to the official website of the Highland Velodrome Trust.  We are local cyclists in the process of delivering the vision of a safe ‘development hub’ for cyclists of all persuasions, ages and abilities in the Highlands of Scotland.

STOP PRESS : The Council has postponed its detailed capital programme review.   The meeting scheduled for 15 February will only be asked to limit the capital spending total for 2018/19 but with no individual project details.   Those details will now be considered on the 8 March.   So there are a few additional weeks to make those Councillor representations tell!

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The bid to bring track cycling facilities to the North of Scotland as part of the Arena project received another boost this morning.


Taking a break from her training build-up to this weekend’s British Championships, Katie Archibald MBE, advised:


"The success of British track cycling is facility driven; you can plot the hometowns of Britain's best and see the obvious trend.  Building a velodrome in Inverness will open the door for the Highlands to share in the nation's passion, and in turn its success, in this sport."


Katie hails from Glasgow and began competitive cycling on the Highland Games grass track circuit in 2011.  She quickly graduated onto the velodrome and began a stellar career which to date includes seven British, ten European and two World championships all achieved by the age of 24.   In 2016 she took Olympic gold riding as part of the GB Team Pursuit squad in Rio and was subsequently honoured in the Queen’s birthday list.




Highland Council will decide its budget and main spending priorities on the 15 February 2018.

The Regional multi-Sports Centre, which includes an indoor velodrome and doubles as a Highland Arena for major shows & cultural events, is one of dozens of projects competing for scarce resources.  70% of the Arena funding is available from external sources.  However, if this project is not included in the Council’s five-year programme, then major funding and key partners will be lost.

Please support your sport NOW or the opportunity may be gone for at least a generation.


Get Your Views Across

We are fortunate to live in a representative democracy and to each have the opportunity to lobby our elected Council on important issues.  Please take a minute or so to read our latest Press Release .  If you feel that this investment in sport and leisure deserves high priority then please send an email, write a letter or speak to your local Councillors.

Bullet Points

Why is this facility important to you or your family?  The following points are provided in the unlikely circumstance that you need any inspiration. Please don’t forward the whole list to councillors as it will detract from the impact of your own testimony – it’s best to pick just a few points which summarise your own thoughts.

o   Safe, exciting environment for youngsters to become involved in sport and gain cycling skills

o   Placed next to existing facilities it will complete an exceptional sports village at the Bught

o   Enables training, racing, riding for fun or fitness

o   Opportunities for indoor competition on our doorstep

o   Facilities that can be used by disadvantaged groups, all genders and almost any age

o   Open to schools and a natural progression for youth using the nearby skate/BMX park

o   Athlete development transformed due to the consistent indoor environmental conditions

o   Track experience now the accepted route to the top in cycling – gamechanger for the North

o   Our regional development squads will have a home and a magnificent training facility

o   Eliminates much expense and travel to Glasgow, Manchester etc. for all-weather facilities

o   Will significantly increase the number of sports stars we produce in the Highlands

o   Great benefit to disabled or visually impaired cycling – developing para-sports

o   Will be the 2nd indoor track in Scotland & the 7th in the UK -- a real fillip for the Highlands

o   Indoor facility which is particularly relevant given our poor roads, climate and dark winters

o   Strength and conditioning suite of benefit to all sports and active lifestyles

o   Provision of regional sports centres is a SNP Government 2016 manifesto promise

o   Benefit to the area from spend by visiting NE riders who can’t get track time at Glasgow

o   Boost employment, social inclusion and wider leisure opportunities

o   Boost Inverness’s claim to be Scotland’s ‘Cycling City’

o   Preventative health and wellbeing benefits – also aids recovery/rehabilitation after illness

o   Boost cycling’s profile locally – more bike riders helps reduce congestion and pollution

o   Doubles as a cultural events arena with far larger capacity than elsewhere in the Highlands

o   Local people get better choice of and can attend more shows, concerts & conferences

o   Boost to the accommodation, leisure and business trades from attracting more visitors

o   Helps to make the Highlands the best place to stay, study or visit

o   Losing this chance will waste £7m of sportscotland investment earmarked for the Highlands

o   70% of funding available from Government, Europe, business, charities and the community

Emailing The Highland Council

If you are a Highland resident, you can find a list of your local Ward representatives on the Council below.  Simply cut and paste all of the corresponding list of contact addresses into the ‘To’ box of a new message, put Regional Sports Centre or Highland Arena as the ‘Subject’ and then create your own text.  Please be respectful of people doing a difficult job serving the community and also make sure that you include your name and address at the bottom.

If you live outwith Highland then write to the six party leaders, using the list at the bottom of the page below.  Stress that you regularly visit the region for events and help support local businesses, accommodation and facilities in the process.


Contact Details





Thurso and Northwest Caithness

Donnie.Mackay.cllr@highland.gov.uk; struan.mackie.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Matthew.Reiss.cllr@highland.gov.uk; karl.rosie.cllr@highland.gov.uk


Wick and East Caithness

raymond.bremner.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Willie.MacKay.cllr@highland.gov.uk; andrew.sinclair.cllr@highland.gov.uk; nicola.sinclair.cllr@highland.gov.uk


North, West and Central Sutherland

kirsteen.currie.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Hugh.Morrison.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Linda.Munro.cllr@highland.gov.uk


East Sutherland and Edderton

richard.gale.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Deirdre.Mackay.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Jim.McGillivray.cllr@highland.gov.uk

Ross and Cromarty

Cromarty Firth

Michael.Finlayson.cllr@highland.gov.uk; pauline.munro.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Maxine.Smith.cllr@highland.gov.uk; carolyn.wilson.cllr@highland.gov.uk


Tain and Easter Ross

derek.louden.cllr@highland.gov.uk; alasdair.rhind.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Fiona.Robertson.cllr@highland.gov.uk


Dingwall and Seaforth

graham.mackenzie.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Alister.Mackinnon.cllr@highland.gov.uk; angela.maclean.cllr@highland.gov.uk; margaret.paterson.cllr@highland.gov.uk


Black Isle

gordon.adam.cllr@highland.gov.uk; jennifer.barclay.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Craig.Fraser.cllr@highland.gov.uk


Wester Ross, Strathpeffer and Lochalsh

isabelle.campbell.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Ian.Cockburn.cllr@highland.gov.uk; derek.macleod.cllr@highland.gov.uk;



Eilean a' Cheò

john.finlayson.cllr@highland.gov.uk; john.gordon.cllr@highland.gov.ukronald.macdonald.cllr@highland.gov.uk; calum.macleod.cllr@highland.gov.uk


Caol and Mallaig

Allan.Henderson.cllr@highland.gov.uk; billy.maclachlan.cllr@highland.gov.uk; ben.thompson.cllr@highland.gov.uk


Fort William and Ardnamurchan

blair.allan.cllr@highland.gov.uk; andrew@lochabervoice.com; niall.mclean.cllr@highland.gov.uk; ian.ramon.cllr@highland.gov.uk


Aird and Loch Ness

helen.carmichael.cllr@highland.gov.uk; George.Cruickshank.cllr@highland.gov.uk; margaret.davidson.cllr@highland.gov.uk; emma.knox.cllr@highland.gov.uk


Inverness West

bill.boyd.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Alex.Graham.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Graham.Ross.cllr@highland.gov.uk


Inverness Central

Janet.Campbell.cllr@highland.gov.uk; richard.laird.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Elizabeth.McAllister.cllr@highland.gov.uk


Inverness Ness-side

Alasdair.Christie.cllr@highland.gov.uk; ron.macwilliam.cllr@highland.gov.uk; callum.smith.cllr@highland.gov.uk


Inverness Millburn

Ian.Brown.cllr@highland.gov.uk; jimmy.gray.cllr@highland.gov.uk; isabelle.mackenzie.cllr@highland.gov.uk


Inverness South

carolyn.caddick.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Ken.Gowans.cllr@highland.gov.uk; andrew.jarvie.cllr@highland.gov.uk; duncan.macpherson.cllr@highland.gov.uk


Culloden and Ardersier

roderick.balfour.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Glynis.Sinclair.cllr@highland.gov.uk; trish.robertson.cllr@highland.gov.uk


Nairn and Cawdor

laurie.fraser.cllr@highland.gov.uk; tom.heggie.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Liz.MacDonald.cllr@highland.gov.uk; peter.saggers.cllr@highland.gov.uk

Badenoch and Strathspey

Badenoch and Strathspey

john.bruce.cllr@highland.gov.uk; muriel.cockburn.cllr@highland.gov.uk; pippa.hadley.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Bill.Lobban.cllr@highland.gov.uk



margaret.davidson.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Maxine.Smith.cllr@highland.gov.uk; callum.smith.cllr@highland.gov.uk; Alasdair.Christie.cllr@highland.gov.uk; jimmy.gray.cllr@highland.gov.uk; pippa.hadley.cllr@highland.gov.uk





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