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The Ivor Fund


Hivelo is a registered charity which has raised funds for the development of the sport in the North of Scotland. The Trust is controlled by member cycling clubs affiliated to Scottish Cycling North.

The Ivor fund was created following the promotion of memorial rides in memory of Ivor Reid who was a well known and very popular figure in Scottish Cycling, particularly on the track racing scene where he was a prolific winner of British Masters championships. In 2006 he achieved his ultimate goal, a world champion’s jersey, won in the Team Sprint competition.  

The aim of the fund is to assist young riders to access, learn and develop track riding skills. We know that Ivor would have quietly derived a lot of satisfaction from this legacy.


Applicants should be between the ages of 10 to 20 years inclusive. In practice this will be from the day of their 10th birthday to the end of the year during which they become 20.

Applicants should meet at least 1 of the following criteria ….

  1. Member of a club affiliated to Scottish Cycling North
  2. Affiliated member of Scottish Cycling / British Cycling who lives in the area administered by Scottish Cycling North
  3. Qualified coaches, who do not need to meet the age or domicile requirements, but who will specifically work with eligible riders, may discuss with Hivelo opportunities where they could be supported.
  4. The Hivelo board may use its discretion to support riders who do not meet the above criteria where this may be for the wider good of the sport. A typical example of this might be a school or similar organisation taking pupils to a taster session at the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome.

Supported Activities within Scotland

  1. Sir Chris Hoy velodrome or Caird Park Dundee, travel and track fees.
  2. Rider track training
  3. Rider track racing
  4. Qualified coaches working with eligible riders on track
  5. Rider track accreditation sessions

Application form can be found by following this link -


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